Project Description

Richard F. Corrigan — Freelance Writer, Biographer, Novelist, Small Business Consultant, Board-Retreat Facilitator.

Partial list of Published Short Stories:


Suspended Life; We Only Confess It to Ourselves; Escaping the Congo; Jasmine, Wilting in the Garden; Vincent; Old Abigail Worthy; The Process Server


Partial List of Published Biographic Profiles: Ruth, Audrey, and Judy Landers; Tom Selleck; Carl Abbott; Esteban; Giovanni Lunardi; Dr. Herb  Silverstein; Dr. Frederick Fennell, Dr. Larry Thompson, Twinkle (Schascle), Bobby Banck, Pam Callender, Jack Dowd, Marjorie North, Nik Wallenda


Partial List of Published Articles: Waiting for the Drawbridge, A Volunteer's Awakening, Changed Thinking Clinton's Book, Reading Computer, Safe in the Garage, And Then There Were None, Forehead Advertising, Southern Evening Walks


Upcoming Articles: Golfing in Mongolia; Listening in the Dark to Alan Hovhaness; Shocked by Shakespeare; A Night with Freddy Cole; Reality TV


November 2013, signed multi-book publishing contract with Zharmae Publishing. First novel, KRYSTAL VISION (KRYSTAL VIBRATIONS SERIES) released April 2016. Second in the series, KRYSTAL SCENT to be published summer of 2017.

GROW YOU GROW YOUR PROFITS (nonfiction) to be published spring of 2017.


(941) 587-8295