Parking at St. Armands Circle

The new parking garage is now open!!!

The parking garage is located on N. Adams Drive across from St. Armands Key Lutheran Church.

There are approximately 1,600 parking spots available in and around St. Armands Circle.  The newest addition is the Parking Garage located on N. Adams Drive which has 504 spaces and costs $0.50 per hour.  There are 197 spots available in the Parking Lot located on S. Adams Drive and costs $0.75 per hour.  There are two entrances to the Parking Lot that can be accessed either from Fillmore Drive or Monroe Drive.  There are 354 metered on street parking spaces directly adjacent to the Circle shops and restaurants and they cost $1.50 per hour.  There are 389 metered on street parking spaces located further out around the Circle that cost $1.00 per hour.  There are 186 FREE unrestricted parking spaces located north of Madison Drive on North Boulevard of the Presidents and south of Monroe Drive on South Boulevard of the Presidents.

Metered on street parking:  Monday – Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm        Free Saturday, Sunday and City Holidays

Garage parking:  Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 8:00pm     Free Sunday and City Holidays

Public Restrooms are located in the Parking Garage and are ADA compliant/handicapped accessible.

Metered parking can be paid by credit card, quarters or through the ParkMobile App.

Valet Parking is located on Fillmore Drive just past Crab & Fin Restaurant and is available Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons to early evening.

Link to download Parkmobile App:

ParkMobile QR Code to Download App: